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News & Updates
25.01.07 :: JAGex Release Force Fighter
11.01.07 :: FunOrbs Recieves golden award
09.01.07 :: RuneScape Update V10.2 goes live
01.01.07 :: Happy New Year! - From The Jagex Team
25.12.06 :: Happy Xmas

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About Us

In December 2001 Andrew, Paul and Constant got together and founded Jagex Limited as a commercial operation to take over the running of RuneScape, underlying technologies and other games developed by Andrew. RuneScape had already by then become a game which had had over 1 million accounts created over 2001!

The three founders set out with two immediate tasks: firstly to make the operation of RuneScape commercially viable, establishing long term advertising sales relationships and secondly to develop a premium version of the game for subscription-paying members.

Both of these tasks were achieved soon after, and on 27th February 2002 Jagex launched RuneScape Members version. In the first week after launch over 5000 people subscribed making RuneScape instantly one of the largest pay-to-play Java games in the world.

Since that date RuneScape has gone from strength to strength: expanding as both a game - with regular updates giving new storylines, quests and maps produced by content development team and as an ever-growing community of sociable online game players.


Development Team
Lead Developer
Andrew G
Heads of Content
Henrique O
Imre J
Senior Game Designer
Paul G
Senior Creative Designer
Mark O
Upload Manager
Ashleigh B
Content Team
Adam B
Alex M
Anthony W
Chihiro Y
Daniel J
Doug H
Dylan C
Heiko J
Ian G
Ingrid J
Isobel H
Gesine P
Graham B
Greg V
James B
John A
Liam P
Marion C
Matt H
Michael H
Nancy J
Nik W
Oscar G
Simon S
Stuart W
Tim C
Tytn H
Head of Minigames
Mark F
Ben D
Ben W
Mark T
Peter T
Thomas D-R
Tom P
Head of Graphics
Anthony A
Graphics Team
Dan B
Damian C
Darren B
Emma V
Eoin McD
Guiseppe G
Hayo K
James W
Jamie S
Joe R
Kavi M
Kristian F
Linh N
Matthew M
Nick F
Neil R
Paul B
Rasmus K H
Richard B
Stephen R
Wayne M
Music and Sounds
Adam B
Dan A
Ian T
Tools Development
Graham R
Henry J
Nick T
Stuart L
Head of Web Systems
Ian H
Web Systems Team
Carl C
Chris E
Chris S
Duncan M
Francois K
Helmy E
Ian D
James N
Jonathan L
Landon W
Michael G
Sebastian M
Thomas P
Head of Quality Assurance
Imre J
QA Unit Leader
John H
Quality Assurance
Adam D
Alex P
Andrew C
Benjamin L
Christopher E
David H
Francis B
Frederique M
Jennie T
John H
Kevin D
Martin I
Matthias P
Nick C
Nigel P
Head of Web Content
Rachel B
Web Content
Dave O
Gillan M
Luke M
Robert K
Robert M
Stephen R
Systems Admin
James B
Steven F
Head of Office Support
Farooq R
Office Support
Alex M
Raymond L
Sam Calverley
Publishing Team
Commercial Director
Constant T
Commercial Assistant
Donna O
Operations Manager
Daniel C
Global Online Sales and Marketing Manager
Dante B
Team Development
Richard B
Human Resources
Adam T
Alex J
Carl W
Francesco G
Laura P
Rebekah T
Sarah D
Sarah-Jane A
Sophie C
Tom M-J
Head of Customer Relations
Kelvin P
Customer Relations Operations Assistant
Sven B
Customer Relations Assistant Manager
Jay A
Performance Coach
Rob S
Billing Support
Gary W
Michelle J
Simon B
Stuart C
Moderators Team Unit Leader
Andrew R
Moderators Team Shift Leaders
Paul M
Peter I
Moderators Team
Barbara B
Chris H
Craig B
Dave M
David I
Emilee M
Ian H
Jonathan H
Mark H
Matt H
Matthew K
Melvin B
Toby R
Investigation in the Community Unit Leader
Chris R
Investigation in the Community Shift Leader
Tom C
Investigation in the Community Unit
Andrew D
Ashley H
Daniel C
Darren B
David S
Matthew P
Mohammed K
Samantha G
Samantha P
Saunders H
Stephen W
Steve A
Tim J
Tobias B
Tom T
Usmaan S
Warren S
Snapshot Ban Appeal Team Unit Leader
Christoph V
Daniel H
Ross H
Snapshot and Ban Appeal Team
Adam W
Aisha A
Andrew C
Andrew McM
Ashley D
Augusto S
Dan L
Daniel B
Daniel H
Dave B
Dean E
Edward A
Emmanuel A
Guy V
Hassan G
James T
Kaiyan A
Kevin B
Kris M
Lucy B
Matt B
Matthew G
Michael F
Neil M
Nicholas H
Paul M
Peter F
Richard M
Richard W
Rick B
Robert L
Ross R
Sarah B
Simon C
Stephan L
Sudeep B
Suraj A
Thomas M
Tom B
Tom H
Tony L
Online Support Team Unit Leaders
Bradley W
Jeremy M
Phil T
Online Support Team
Aaron R
Adam D
Adam Z
Aidan L
Alex E
Alexander W
Andrew B
Andrew H
Andrew M
Andy W
Anuradha J
Ben W
Chris G
Chris H
Chris J
Christopher-Lee L
Conor S
Darryl B
Dave P
David B
Fillipos L
Florian P
Frank B
Fraser P
Gareth E
Gordon H
Guy K
Ian B
Ian W
James H
Jason P
John S-H
Karen M
Karen O
Ken L
Kieran McL
Kinjal S
Marcello Z
Martin F
Matthew H
Matthew L
Michael E
Neena P
Neil D
Paul B
Patric H
Patrick S
Philip C
Poppy B
Rebecca C
Richard A
Richard G
Rob W
Robin M
Roshid C
Ross M
Ryan McK
Sally R
Sarah J
Simeon A
Simon B
Simon P
Soeren H
Stephen W
Tara T
Tarquin U
Tom M
Veronika H
Vicki M
Will K-W
William D
William D
Zachory A


Jagex Limited is always on the look out for the brightest people to join the team.

If you believe you have the necessary skills and energy to work for Jagex please check this page regularly - it will always be the first place a new position is advertised and will give you details of the job and the qualifications required.

Applicants must be over the age of 18 and able to work in the United Kingdom.

Current Openings:


Gain our audience's attention. Jagex has a large audience of over 5 million unique users who play our games every month.

Premium positioning for advertising
Rather than showing adverts everywhere possible - our adverts are instead carefully targetted to only appear on pages, and spaces where they are most likely to be viewed. Furthermore unlike many sites we only show 1 advert per page, so your advert doesn't have to fight for attention. All this is designed to give maximum quality impressions to advertisers.

Geo-location for targeted audiences
We use global location software* to be able to segment our audience by country - ensuring your message is delivered specifically to your target audience.

We can run adverts in these shapes and sizes:

Full Banner - 468x60 pixels
Leaderboard - 728x60 pixels
Medium Rectangle - 300x250 pixels
Skyscraper - 120x600 pixels

We support all standard image, animated image and rich media advert types. We cannot accept expanding media, pop-ups or pop-unders of any sort.

For latest prices and further information please email:

Beyond the banner
Jagex will also consider proposals that go beyond-the-banner for larger organisations looking to establish high recognition rates with our audience profile. Sponsorship and in game advertising offer exciting and cost effective ways to reach our audience with positive association of the RuneScape brand.

If you wish to advertise to our audience contact:

* This product includes software developed by for GeoIP.

Contact Us

Jagex Limited currently has two main offices in Cambridge and London, England.

Contacting Jagex
If you are a player and you require support go to Customer support

If you are interested in working for Jagex see our jobs section.

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